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National Hug Your Caregiver Initiative

National Hug Your Caregiver Day Initiative
November 21st

Caregivers are the backbone that supports our society. They come in many shapes, sizes, and focus in many different areas. Everybody knows caregivers. They can be parents, spouses, family, friends, healthcare providers, massage therapists, chiropractors, nanny's, babysitters, pet sitters, or anybody else who has taken care of another living being.

Caregivers are also some of the most ignored and taken for granted people in our society. These people dedicate part of their lives, if not their whole lives, to caring for others. And yet, they are often touch deprived and feel under/un-appreciated.

Started in 2008, the National Hug Your Caregiver Day Initiative is trying to raise awareness about caregiver appreciation. We are helping people learn to show their appreciation for the caregivers in their lives.

"Smile! You're getting hugged!"

If you would like to take part, feel free to sign on at:


COOL Artwork

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I posted to poly, and I asked for other people's experiences... I was told to get to therapy and a whole bunch of people tried to be therapists.  Interesting.  What was more interesting was that so many people 1) responded without even LOOKING at my actual journal, 2) thought they were therapists and 3) answered questions and situations that weren't even mentioned.

I also thought it was interesting that these people were mostly under 25... I have to wonder if they've had any life experiences at all.

Oy.  That's the last time I post there.  In fact, depending on how I feel tomorrow, I may take myself off the list completely.  God knows I don't need more angsty people who think they know more about my life than I do.   really, what art of "has anybody else ever had this experience?" tells people that I need advice on how to deal with my situation? I was asking for THEIR experiences. 



My boyfriend has the most wonderful smile ever.  His whole face lights up and his eyes just sparkle with a joy and almost an innocence.  When my boyfriend smiles, wonder pours from behind his beautiful eyes.  I would do just about anything to see that smile.  And his laugh... *heart flutter*. 

I know one day my boyfriend will find a guy who makes him comfortable, smile, and laugh the way I do.  I know that he will find passion with this man and that I will be happy that he is so happy.  Ideally I would like to create a triad with this man.  However, realistically - from my past - I know that when this man comes into our life I will lose my boyfriend. 

He likes men far more than women.  And, that's okay.  Personally, I prefer men, but a good woman is hard to beat.

I don't understand how I got lucky enough to have my boyfriend.  I don't know how he was still single and some guy hadn't snatched him up long ago.  But, I know that someday a man will see what I see in my boyfriend.  I know we will open the relationship.  And, I fear losing him at that point. 

It makes me cry. The fear of losing him actually makes me cry.  But, I don't want to close our relationship.  And I certainly would NEVER tell him 'no men for you'.  What an abhorrant bitch I'd have to be to pull that one!

I've brought up my concerns with him before.  He tells me not to worry and acts like he can't fanthom anybody loving him the way I do - especially a guy.

I just hope he still thinks I'm special enough for him, when that guy does come into his life.

I've started all over twice.  I don't think I can do it again.

Nov. 20th, 2008

I had an awesome violin lesson today.  Even though I had an emergency this week and wasn't able to practice, we were still able to work on my technique and play the first part of a quartet together as a duet.  I'm so excited!  We sounded really good, and I even played with confidence.  I'm hoping to be orchestra ready by this time next year.  *fingers crossed*


You know it's sad when you get dating advice from House.

I didn't think about how my bf may have felt about the fact that my apt is still very much mine, but that I have things at his apt, which  - as he puts - he's not giving back.  He likes having my things there. According to Chase, on House, he felt like Cameron didn't want him there because she didn't make room for him. Hm. didn't think of things that way.  I'll pick up his shampoo/soap, and keep it in my bathroom.  I think that would be a good start.